KOI Jamaica Aug 18

KOI gave out 500 school bags with books pencils and other needed items. Fed the homeless on the street and fed and conducted service at the May Pen Infirmary. We also gave food packages to the needy and assisted with school uniforms for 5 children.


This is a breakdown of what goes on during this video.

  1. Volunteers unpacking and sorting clothing items.
  2. School Supplies needed for grade 2 students
  3. Sorting School bags, 500 school bags donated in 4 areas of Jamaica between Clarendon, Christiana and Mandeville
  4. School Bag donation at Vocation Bible School in Christiana
  5. Vocation’s Bible School Christiana, some children walk 7 miles to get there
  6. Vocation’s Bible School Christiana
  7. Freetown Clarendon, Bounce about cost $150 U.S per day, Gave out school supplies.
  8. Sponsored Soccer teams, Currently have 4 teams which KOI sponsors will add two more next trip to Jamaica.
  9. Sponsored soccer tournament, trophies given to 1st and 2nd place teams.
  10. Outhouse, KOI wants to make bathroom for old lady so she do not have to use Outhouse.
  11. Deacon Reid finishing room for old lady. KOI Project for last 3 mission, Built house, last room to finish, finally finished it.
  12. This broke my heart, this mattress is what the lady and her 3 kids sleep on. Father of course is not in their life.
  13. Volunteer cooking to feed the homeless
  14. Food for the homeless, We feed the homeless at least twice when we are in country.
  15. Sister Angela one of our Volunteer in Jamaica praying before we go feed homeless,
  16. Bringing food to a homeless man
  17. This homeless man asking for another food stating he had not eaten since the day before.
  18. At the nursing home, opening up with praise and worship music
  19. Patient at the Infirmary wanted to sing so we let her
  20. Another patient at the infirmary singing
  21. Lady in white hat is one of KOI Volunteer, Evangelist Green, Deacon Green Wife
  22. Deacon Green Singing, the two young girls are his daughters.
  23. Sis Angela and Deacon Green singing
  24. Sister Williams Singing, she is lead singer at her church and competed in Jamaica version of Star Search
  25. Delivering the word, God has not forgotten you.
  26. Two of my volunteers cooking at the infirmary.  KOI Fed 136 patients and 26 staff members.
  27. Lady asking for pretty frock (dress) at Infirmary
  28. Praying for patients infirmary, we prayed for all the patients and some of the staff
  29. Wheel chair at infirmary, they are asking us for help with wheel chairs

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